How to photograph the aurora

Aurora forecast - Nordlysvarsel Photo: Edvard Femundsenden

This is a quick guide on how to photograph the Aurora. The recommended settings are a great place to start. You will find a collection of video tutorials further down in the article.

  1. Put the camera on a tripod or a steady surface.
  2. Set your camera and lens to manual.
  3. Turn off image stabilization.
  4. Turn off flash.
  5. Use a remote trigger, or set the release timer to minimum 2 seconds.
ISO800 – 1600
2.8 or the lowest number your lens can do
Shutter12 – 20 seconds
White balanceDaylight
  • You are going to be outside for a long time. Dress acordingly and make sure you’re not getting cold.
  • Remember extra batteries. Cold weather make batteries loose power faster.
  • Bring extra memory cards. You’ll probably need theese.
  • Have fun and enjoy!