Northern lights video collection 12-19 1

Northern lights video collection 12-19

The northern lights video collection 12-19 is the first what i hope will be many compilations of northern light videos. This month it includes a live stream, do it yourself video, travel video and a educational video. Enjoy, and please share if you want to see more articles like this.

Northern Lights Live Stream from Iceland, Norway and Alaska by CosmoSapiens

Stream uploaded by CosmoSapiens 14.12.2019

In the most intense Aurora Borealis areas the lights are observed from late September until late March. You are watching live feed from 5 different locations. We will change cameras to find aurora. It is not visible all the time!

Cam 01 – Vik, Iceland
Cam 02 – Thingvellir National Park, Iceland
Cam 03 – Akranes, Iceland Cam 04 – Lofoten, Norway
Cam 05 – Willow, Alaska

Stay with us during northern lights season as we will be live covering this natural phenomena.

CosmoSapiens – Youtube

The science behind the northern lights by CBC News

Uploaded by CBC News 09.12.2019

The northern lights are a spectacular light display that appears over countries including Canada and Russia. Here’s what causes the scientific phenomenon that’s also known as the aurora borealis.

CBC News – Youtube

How to Paint the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis

Uploaded by makoccino 14.12.2019

In today’s watercolor painting idea video I’ll show you how to paint and DIY your own watercolor bookmarks step by step as the perfect DIY gift idea! I’ll show you how to paint the northern lights galaxy landscape step by step so I hope you like this easy watercolor painting idea!

makoccino – Youtube

Top 3 Places to See Northern Lights 4K

Uploaded by Wildlens by Abrar 22.12.2019

This is a short video which I captured during my travels to Northern Norway and Lapland Finland inside the Arctic Circle. The places I visited in Northern Norway are

1. Tromso
2. Lofoten
3. Senja
4. Bardufoss
5. Bodo
6. Alta

Similarly, the places I visited in Lapland, Finland are

1. Syöte National Park
2. Riisitunturi National Park
3. Oulanka National Park

These are my absolute favourite places to see Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

WildLens by Abrar – Youtube