My name is Tom and I am the creator of this website. I am a hobby photographer and web developer in my spare time. I had always believed that the aurora was something you could only see when close to the north pole. I live south in Norway and when I realized that the aurora was visible from where I lived I found myself to constantly following the aurora forecasts. I found the aurora forecast difficult to understand at first and the search for knowledge peaked my interest made me combine my hobbies and it all ended up in this aurora forecast project.

My goal of creating such a website was at first to see if I could do it and at the same time make it more understandable for the ones who found it. The website was first hidden deep in another domain and I did not expect a lot of people to find it. It did not take long before the website was found by people and newspapers and it got very popular.

My interest in the aurora forecast website increased with the popularity and now wanted to see the effect of giving the forecast its own domain. The results were amazing. The users visiting this website is increasing every year and I feel a want to give more and more back to you the visitors.

I enjoy learning new stuff that I can get used for in the future and I find myself going back to this website to think of what to do next. That’s one of the reasons for why I sat down and learned how to code android apps. The app I created was first of all for me to learn how to code, but it was also a way to make the aurora forecast more available and user-friendly for you as a visitor. I must admit that I did get help with a lot of the coding, but I learn something new every time I work on it. There are some compatibility issues in the app, but as I write this I also have an ongoing project where a build the app from the ground up with the goal to do most and hopefully all of it myself. It might take some time but I really hope you like it when it’s ready to go.

I must say that it’s you the visitors that have kept me going on this project. You are now taking your time to read this and that means a lot to me. This website will continue to be in development and improved as long as there is a demand for it. Thank you for using the aurora forecast and thank you for motivating me to acquire all this knowledge and experience from it. If you feel this site is missing something or have feedback of any sort I will be very happy to hear from you. Please let me know by sending me an email from the form below.