KP 0 | G 0 | 426.6 km/sec | Bt 5.596 nT | Bz 2.875 nT

Aurora forecast lite is the lite version of the main Aurora forecast website. Here you will find the data you need and nothing else. Go to the frontpage to find a more detailed forecast.

Low to none activity. If you are located within latitude range 66.5º N or higher you still could have a chance to see the aurora if the weather and light conditions are optimal. The aurora might be visible from places as far south as Longeyarbyen (Svalbard), Cape Chelyuskin (Russia), Grise Fiord (Canada), Savissivik (Greenland), Kirkenes (Norway) and Wainwright (United States).

KP-INDEX (current)G-SCALE (current)
426.6 km/sec4.6 protons/cm3
Bt (current)Bz (current)
5.596 nT2.875 nT